The Team

Adnan Helfy, M.S.

Adnan has graduated from Minnesota State University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in educational technology and a master’s degree in Special Education. He is a candidate for Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Walden University. Adnan has extensive experience working with the Iraqi population impacted by the gulf war as well as sectarian. His practice emphasizes individual and group therapy. He is a detail-oriented practitioner with a passion for group work and patient care in the profession of mental health.

Over 10 years of experience in the profession of mental health services and systems, Adnan concentrates on using mental health resources: a focus on stress, addiction recovery, coping, and mental illness as it relates to treatment retention, adherence, and other health outcomes. Adnan recognizes the need for multicultural counseling, he is bilingual, speaking both Arabic and English. Adnan believes that counseling from a multicultural lens allows us to gain knowledge, sensitivity, disposition, and personal awareness. He thinks it is essential to build a relationship and lead the power relationship in the advancement of our community.